The Time on God's Clock (1974)
The Orthodoxy of the Devil (1974)
Getting Things from God (1974)
Things I Surely Know (1975)
My Favorite Text (1975)
Peace Between Arab and Jew (1975)
The Cross and the Crown (1976)
Look and Live (1976)
Saving Faith (1978)
Ishmael: Islam and the Oil Slick (1980)
Whether We Live or Die (SBC, 1985)
The Curse of Liberalism (SBC, 1988)
The Old Time Religion (1998)
Sermon Preparation (personal library)
This I Know (documentary)


Scarlet Thread Through the Bible Part 1
Scarlet Thread Through the Bible Part 2
Scarlet Thread Through the Bible Part 3
The Infallible Word of God (1985)

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Our good friend Dr. Eddy Peter in West Java continues to expand his Indonesian W. A. Criswell website. The site now offers audio files and downloadable books along with hundreds of Dr. Criswell's sermons in Indonesian as well as selected messages in Dutch, German, and Chinese.
Audio versions of Dr. Criswell's sermons in Indonesian are being broadcast over Christian radio in Borneo three times a day, and are now also being featured on a 40-station network throughout the region. Please pray that God will use this and the other ministries of Philadelphia Baptist Theological Seminary to reach Indonesia's 240 million people with the gospel of Christ.

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The Tears of Paul
Acts 20:31, 12/31/78
Those Grievous Wolves
Acts 20:29, 1/7/79
The Lost Beatitude
Acts 20:32-38, 1/7/79
Kneeling in Prayer
Acts 20:36-38, 1/14/79

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The Beginning of the End
Acts 21:1-15, 1/14/79
Paul's Defense of the Faith
Acts 22:1-21, 1/21/79
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Living for Somebody Else
Acts 22:20, 1/21/79
Paul in the Storm of Prejudice
Acts 23:1-35, 2/4/79